Summer Deck Trends

Summertime clearly means spending time on the deck and planning improvements to make it even more delightful to spend sunny days on! If you're considering making changes to your deck, you’d be undoubtedly curious about what's hot in deck design right now. 

Level headed carpentry contractors in Sydney present some of the most recent deck trends to get you started this summer!

Rich colours

When it comes to decking, dark,and strong colours are absolutely in. This implies, at least for the decking boards, avoiding light, bright colours or lighter natural wood hues like pine in favour of darker, richer wood hues like mahogany. But it’s not necessarily the same for the remaining deck. Browns are a fantastic choice for deck painting or installing coloured composites since they provide a wide range of tones to work with, from rusty red-browns to chocolate shades or even deeper hues. This isn't to say that you should completely shun light colours! You may always keep the decking planks themselves dark and opt with light paint to complement your home or to give the deck a stunning two-toned effect. Our carpentry contractors in Sydney offer you with the best colours according to the recent summer deck trend. 

Make Use of Lighting Creativity

Lighting was never a significant part in deck design, but now that LED lights are available, there are so many ways to light up your deck at night. Attaching lights to poles and uprights is one idea. However LED lights intended to fit in post caps as well as mini lights to fit beneath stairs are now available, which not only look lovely at night but also make it much easier to ascend those steps in the dark! Contact Level headed carpentry contractors in Sydney to get lightning creativity in the deck area. 

The Look of Minimalism

Minimalism is a prominent trend right now. For decks, this means keeping the décor to a minimum. Make areas pleasant with basic chairs and comfy throw cushions while avoiding unnecessary additions such as plants and other decor. Just limit yourself to a few key things to obtain that clean-swept minimalist style! The type of railing our carpentry contractors in Sydney choose might also contribute to the minimalist look. Glass railings provide a smooth, and sleek appearance, The appearance does not obstruct the view. Thus,wire railings are another popular option for modern minimalism. 

Unusual patterns are the best 

The usual single-direction pattern comes to mind when most people think about decking boards. To put it another way, when all of the decking planks face the same way. However, there are a variety of alternative approaches to create a deck that allow you to experiment with patterns. If your deck has many levels or noticeable portions, you may always create a feeling of geometry by blocking out those regions with decking boards pointing in various directions. Decking planks in herringbone patterns may give a deck a stunning premium aesthetic, and boards at diagonal angles can provide a feeling of length. Additionally, our level headed carpentry contractors in Sydney are the best to suggest you an amazing pattern for your deck area. 

Enhance Your Deck with Shrubbery

A variety of shrubs thrive in planters, including azaleas and, in particular, boxwoods. A couple pots filled with these bushes can definitely bring some foliage to your deck, as well as some form. Especially with shrubs that are simple to trim, such as boxwood. These may be clipped into cubes, fluffy green balls, or any other imaginative shape you can think of. 

Increase the amount of shade, privacy, and comfort

The urge for homeowners to focus on things like comfort is one of the largest developing trends in deck design during summer. This implies that shaded decks either roofed or covered by an awning are becoming increasingly popular as a way to remain cool on hot, bright days. Deck enclosures are also popular, albeit they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are some of the current deck design trends, but there's a lot more you can do if you're trying to upgrade. For even more amazing ideas, our carpentry contractors in Sydney at Level headed carpentry are the best. 

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