A-Class Hoardings

We understand that each project is unique. With that in mind, we are more than happy to help you design a customised A Class Hoarding that will best suit your needs while keeping safety as our priority.

What we do

Whether you are looking to construct an A Class Hoarding that is extremely specific and unique, or one that needs to cover a larger area than usual, we can help make the perfect hoarding design for you. We at Level Headed Carpentry construct A-class hoardings, which are built around or inside the worksite and act as a safety barrier to stop unauthorised personnel gaining site access. 


We pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of our customers and your loved ones, which is why all of our A-Class Hoardings are constructed with care and precision.

Why Level Headed Carpentry?

A Class Hoarding structure, whether created outside the perimeter or within the work site itself, operates as a limiting boundary to the general public. It offers unrestricted access to the Hoarding Building Site while also ensuring safety. At Level Headed Carpentry, we can assist you in developing an effective A-Class Hoarding design that meets your requirements while also prioritising safety. Level Headed Carpentry has extensive expertise with new site constructions, refurbishments, construction site barriers, commercial building renovations, and installation work.

Level Headed Carpentry provides a wide range of A-Class Hoardings through commercial carpentry, including exterior and interior hoardings, covered walkways, pedestrian, construction site, and worker access. Furthermore, we offer entire site setup and perimeter solutions, as well as skilled design and implementation.


We ensure that your project is finished on schedule and under budget, with no bother or worry.

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