Our cladding services transform Façades into statements of elegance, combining functionality with aesthetics


Our cladding services redefine the exterior aesthetic of your space. Our skilled carpenters bring an artful touch to your building's Façade, blending functionality with style to create a lasting impression that stands up to the elements.

What we do

Level headed carpentry specialises in residential projects, and is committed to creating stunning spaces that elevate the way people live. Our team of expert carpenters can undertake any cladding requirement for interior or exterior applications. Over the years we have worked with a wide range of materials and overcome many obstacles associated with cladding fixing and installation. We pride ourselves on quality which is shown through our strong relationship with clients, architects, designers and builders.

We are committed to producing beautiful and durable finishes that will last for decades, withstanding the toughest weather conditions. Level Headed Carpentry is well versed in a wide variety of cladding material. We have the necessary skills and experience for installation and necessary manufacture of different variations of cladding.

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