Commercial Cladding

Our cladding systems are efficient and durable, while offering the positive safety attributes of cladding through secure fixing methods and materials.

Commercial Cladding

Your commercial building is strong and robust, thanks to an outside layer known as cladding. This exterior layer protects the building's components from weather and vermin, ensuring the structure of your building remains safe and robust for decades to come. Cladding also helps to improve the design and appearance of your commercial building while increasing curb appeal and property value. Not to mention that the correct cladding may boost insulation, leading in lower energy expenditures and better temperature management all year.

Quality cladding may improve the look and structural integrity of a structure while also saving time and money. We are also witnessing an increase in demand from commercial developers who recognise the visual attraction of cladding. As a result, our portfolio of work in this area has grown dramatically in recent years, and this aspect of the business is still expanding.

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What we do

At Level Headed Carpentry, with a big staff of experienced joiners, carpenters, and cladding operators, we have the abilities and knowledge to complete even the most challenging cladding jobs. Our cladding experience is mostly from major commercial projects, and as a result, we have extensive skills and understanding from working on a variety of high-profile complexes.

We are also able to provide a variety of extra carpentry services due to the professional team we have assembled. From the design and construction of elegant timber commercial and leisure buildings, carriage houses, timber framed garage structures, and stables, to the production of one-of-a-kind designed staircases, we have it all. If our clients can imagine it, our team can make it a reality.

Regardless of the size or type of a project, we always utilise the best quality materials and, as a result, provide our clients with long-term solutions rather than short-term repairs. In this regard, all work is guaranteed.

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